who is behind ....:-)

Wolfgang Müller, born in Austria, dreamt himself to Sweden, car master, sailing school operator, life philosopher, realistic virgin, anything impossible and possible... :-), father of two adult daughters..

How everything began...

...sometime in 2014, little Wolfi thought that he had done enough vehicle engineering in small Austria and that it was time for something new. So he sat down at the table, thought and after a few minutes of consideration the idea came up: Buy a campsite in Sweden! That he didn't know the language and that Sweden was 2000 kilometers away was only seen as a small handicap. So he started looking for objects, visited about 30 of them in 2 years and met Mirjam in Germany in the middle of 2016 when he stayed for the first time at AirBNB and was Mirjam's first guest. She was just waiting for her youngest to graduate and finally move into the big world. Full of energy and curious as she is, she was soon enthusiastic about Wolfi's idea of "seasonal business" and the resulting (travel) freedom out of season (and later a little bit of little Wolfi :-)). This also made the search for objects easier, because the language was no longer a real hurdle. At the end of 2016 our dream cottage droped in....the exciting details are a longer story, which we prefer to tell about while having an iced coffee with lake view if there is interest :-)).  


Since then we have renovated, rebuilt and designed our paradise with a lot of energy, effort, sensitivity, discussions and love. There have already been many great guests here and we are looking forward to giving the people who enjoy and appreciate our beautiful spot on earth as much as we do, an unforgettable stay in the most positive sense!


In the meanwhile our relation converted to a friendship because the ways of life led in different directions, but Wolfgang is continuing by keeping alive the old spirit.... :-) 

Warm welcome to paradise,  Wolfgang