Our accomodations are so clean that we also ourselves would live there!


And we are very critical :-))


Hygiene is very important to us - and not just during corona times:

  • Wet cleaning of the cottages after every guest change
  • Carpets washed regularly
  • Bed linen washed accordingly hot
  • Mattress covers washed hot
  • Blankets and pillows washed regularly hot 
  • Towels washed hot and changed anytime upon request during the stay
  • Toilet and shower checked / cleaned several times a day, towels replaced
  • Wet wipes, soap and disinfection provided in the toilet
  • Disinfection dispenser mounted on various places all over the property
  • Lounge area and guest kitchen cleaned daily, towels and tea-towels replaced
  • Sauna cleaned after each use, floor towels and sauna towels washed

Clean accommodations also encourage our guests to keep them clean - for the well-being of everyone!