Sweden is extremely versatile: Long sandy beaches, lively cities and the unique Stockholm, which is spread over 14 islands with a lot of grassland, in the southern third, thinly populated thousands of square kilometers of nature with forests, mountains and lakes in the middle and northern part, which stretches far beyond the Arctic Circle.


The very friendly and helpful Swedes, the relaxed traffic and the year-round warm, golden yellow light as well as the good infrastructure create an atmosphere in which one feels comfortable and balanced at first sight. 


In our community Strömsund in Jämtland lives less than one person per square kilometer (which is a thousandth of the Ruhr area in Germany :-)), nevertheless the airport Östersund 70 kilometers away from us is very well connected with up to 5 Stockholm flights daily. Also train/bus and a European Highway pass nearby. 


In summary, our Vildmarkslounge is ideally located: far enough north to have real winters and white Christmas, far enough south to have wonderful, warm (not too hot) summers and good accessibility. 


With all this, there is food, pharmacy, restaurants, etc. just a few kilometers away in Hammerdal, while you live with us secluded, without a view of a neighbor, beautiful by the lake. 


You will find with us what many in Europe are still looking for: A real vacation and absolute relaxation far away from everyday life and still with comfort! 


The use of the panoramic barrel sauna, one canoe per accommodation as well as a fire basket with barbecue function in front of each cottage are included in the overnight price. 


For the winter we provide snowshoes for hiking through winter forest and ice lake. 


Combining this with one or the other unique excursion like a sled dog ride will really round off your unforgettable Sweden vacation, some examples can be found here.


Contact us and we will be happy to help you plan your journey and stay!


We are gladly looking forward to host you!